Scam Free Online Income?

Scam Free Online Income – Avoid scams like Hot coals!

Have you been scammed online?

As you might know, there are thousands of online scams on the internet lately.

So, today I would like to divert from my usual BBQ stuff to discuss a very important topic, scam free online income, and how important that is to the online industry.

So, how do you know what is real and what is a scam online?

Today I want to share with you how I go about identifying and avoiding these online scams!

I am sure you also came across many online programs where you have to pay money to join and then ending up frustrated, disappointed, and penniless after a short while.

Thus, over time, these experiences turned me into a huge skeptic on every make money online program I came across on the internet. Well, this was the case BEFORE I discovered the best online program there is.

What I did was to “google search” the make money online program’s name to validate the legitimacy of the advertised program.

I advise you to do the same with the information I am going to provide here.

How do you determine if a make money online program is legit?

You simply enter the name of the program plus scam, “program + scam”, in Google’s search bar and let Google do the search. The Google search result will pop up many reviews and informational sites giving you the precise outcome of what you want to know about a specific online program.

I advise you to read several reviews on different sites about the specific program, as some reviews are actual reviews from the scammers themselves claiming that the program is NOT a scam.

Another Scam Exposed!

I was doing some research online to write this page article, when I, once again, arrived at yet another online scam, and I thought it to be a good example to discuss here.

Now, if you are not good at detecting the signs of a scam, then you will surely fall for THIS one.

Today, I came across a video review of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) on my Google plus account while I was searching for posts about affiliate programs. Wealthy Affiliate is a scam free online program with thousands of like-minded online entrepreneurs.

The person who did the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) review in the video, is praising WA at first BUT later on in the video promoting an alternative make money online program, Online Sales Pro.

He claims further that Online Sales Pro (OSP) is one of the best methods online to make money fast and easy!!

At first, it sounded absolutely legit, but you need to know how to identify the red flags!

This is how he advertised his post on Google plus.

Pick up the Red Flags!

Now when you look closely, you will see that he only has 3 followers (1st red flag),

The name of his post is, “Wealthy Affiliate Review, the biggest scam in history?” Immediately you would like to watch this, won’t you?

You will also notice that he has no google plus likes and no comments on his post (2nd red flag). There is nothing else in the post but a video page and a video link.

When you click on the youtube link, it takes you to a YouTube video where he reviews Wealthy Affiliate. He starts by commending WA and how well the program works, but then he informs you that there is a much better and faster way of making money online.

He then asks you to visit his site, which you can see on the video screen, (NOTE: This is NOT related to MY name, Jacob)

I am a proud member of a scam free online income program, which I can recommend to anyone who wants to earn an income the correct way.

So, once you arrive on the web page; you are then prompted to watch another video about a troubled soul who rebuilt his life…immediately triggering your emotions because the video is about someone who struggled in life and then suddenly made 11000 USD with this “outstanding” program, overnight!! (3rd red flag).

At the bottom of the OSP sign-up page, you can then read all the details on how it works.

Online Sales Pro is not free to join. The startup fee is $37 pm with options to upgrade (4th red flag).

One of the 1st things indicating on the information page is how much money you can make with OSP (5th red flag).

The rest of the landing page looks very impressive and it offers a 30-day money back guaranty. So far most of the information on the OSP landing page looks legit to the untrained eye. This can trap you to join instantly.

Notice The Red Flags!!

Picking up on all the red flags I spotted so far, I thought it well to do what I always do, doing a “scam search” on Google, “Online Sales Pro+ scam”.

Not to my surprise, I came across several website reviews exposing the Online Sales Pro scam!! …….BOOOM!! My suspicion was confirmed.

Another scam BUSTED!!

Feel free to do your own online search and read all the details on the scam busting websites, providing the proof and details about OSP, or any other program you think might be too good to be true!

Is Online Sales Pro a scam? YES, and so are many others!

So, this is proving once again that you can only trust online programs with a ZERO scamming record.

One more tip…

If something is promoted with glamorous videos or images of how luxurious your life will be when you will be using this program, and how much money you will be making in a short period of time, then it is usually “TOO GOOD to be TRUE”, and most likely, a SCAM!

Making money online is hard work and it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful online.

Are there ANY Programs that are NOT scams?

I can say with confidence, YES there are! Wealthy Affiliate is one of them!

Wealthy Affiliate is a proven trustworthy platform that supports you to earn a scam free online income from anyplace in the world.

WA is the platform that helped me and thousands of other WA members to do just that!

Wealthy Affiliate allowed me to start up my own online business in the RIGHT way with a ZERO startup fee.

 What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the Only Platform in the World where you can Achieve an Online Education in Online Entrepreneurship, Build a Passionate Business, Interact with like-minded people, and having access to every Technique and Tool you need to be Successful as an Online Entrepreneur.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

In short

Step 1
Choose an interest. What are you passionate about? Choose a hobby or anything you are interested in.

Step 2
Build your own website that will be the foundation of your business. WA will teach you how to build your own website in 30 min.

Step 3
Attract visitors. Before you want to make money, you need to get people to your website. WA teaches you how. There are over 3 billion potential customers on the internet.

Step 4
Earn revenue. Once you have visitors, you can start promoting products through affiliate programs and earn commissions of up to 75%. There are millions of products you can promote.

To sum up…

If you want to turn your passion into a thriving online business the CORRECT away, you can do it without any doubt with the loyal support of Wealthy Affiliate.

FREE Sign Up, FREE Start Up.

Final thought…

I hope you have enjoyed my information on how to detect online scams. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below.

Have a scam free online experience!