BBQ Aprons For Men?

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Aprons for men? … might ask me.

You will be amazed! Men do like to wear aprons! Aprons for men are pretty useful on many occasions.


Well, it all depends on the occasion.

Barbecues are those special times when BBQ aprons for men, and NOT those ladylike ones, will come in handy.

My special apron…

In my case, I prefer to wear my favorite BBQ apron ONLY when I barbecue. I have this special green South African Springbok rugby apron that is always hanging behind the kitchen door ready to be used when it is barbecue time!!

Reasons why I wear my BBQ apron…

It is convenient and it keeps my clothes protected from that sudden unwanted fatty and greasy splatters or potentially spilling BBQ sauce while grilling. Any wife hates to see those bbq stains, agree?

More so, mine has front pockets where I can keep my favorite BBQ goodies in. Anything from a kitchen towel to a can of beer can go in my apron pockets, which is very handy around the grill.

I am very proud wearing my green Springbok apron because the emblem resembles our South African national rugby team who won many famous international rugby events. The 1994 rugby world cup was the biggest highlight in South African rugby history……Well, let’s get back to aprons…

So, now you can see that once you have one of those special aprons, it is just something you cannot be without when you are barbecuing.

You can find Many Funny and Cool Aprons…

Some BBQ aprons have many different pockets which make them super convenient. Others are super cool with funny writings on them, like “The King Of Grill” or “May the forks be with you”.¬†These aprons with the funny imprinted wording can create some humor around the grill and make barbecuing so much more enjoyable!

Some aprons have many convenient pockets and holsters, and that is very useful for those who want their BBQ spices, utensils, and a couple of beers in reach.

They are ideal gifts…

BBQ aprons for men, are ideal gifts for fathers day, birthdays, Christmas, or if you just don’t know what to buy for a guy friend or a male family member!!

A BBQ apron can be a great gift for a barbecue host next time when you are invited to a barbecue. I am sure any barbecue lover will be super happy to add another apron to his collection.

Now, this brings me to the exciting part of this page.

My top 5 choices…

Today, I want to introduce you to some of my favorite BBQ aprons I think are very cool to have. Get your hands on one now, so you can have it ready as a gift for that next invite or just to add to your own cool collection!

A Selection of My Best Choices…

BBQ Chef Apron The Grill Master Novelty Barbecue Aprons by CoolAprons | eBay

Price: USD $12.49

Star Wars Novelty Apron and Chef Hat Set | Barbecue Apron Gift by CoolAprons

Price: USD $23.49

Big Gaddy is on the Grill

Price: USD $17.49

The Grillfather Apron Black Grilling BBQ Barbecue | eBay

Price: USD $17.95


Price: USD $15.19

Select more styles on eBay

Last thought…

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the different BBQ aprons I like!

Please feel free to share your thoughts or ideas about funny BBQ aprons for men in the comment box below.



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6 thoughts on “BBQ Aprons For Men?”

  1. Lol, I loved the Grillfather one, very amusing. That camo one though is a bit full on. I don’t think I could move with that thing on and with it loaded.

    I agree though that if you’re on the barbecue then you need an apron. I would probably go for one with an amusing saying. Don’t think I would have one with lots of pockets, maybe one or two.

    What are the best ones made of? I would only want one that I know would last.

    1. Hi, Owain.

      Thank you for visiting my BBQ apron page.

      There are many styles and designs of your preference available. The funny ones can be very amusing around a barbecue grill. Lots of laughter among the guys indeed. Many guys like to collect these funny ones.

      The ones here are mostly from the CoolApron brand made of high-quality poly/cotton twill fabric that will last a very long time.

      Hope you will revisit my page for some updates on aprons and other BBQ gifts.

      Cheers, Jacob

  2. Definitely some amusing aprons in there. My favorite is definitely the grillfather one, nice and simple. The camo one is quite funny too and could be useful when I cook my ribs over a couple of hours but not sure I would pack it up as much as it shows on the pic lol.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Mike. I am glad you like my apron choices here. You will find all sorts of aprons for all kinds of BBQ guys!! Some like the funny ones, others will need those with plenty holsters to keep all their BBQ goodies at close range.

      Appreciate your comments. Hope to see you back here some time.

      Cheers, Jacob

  3. Hi Jacob.

    I enjoyed your article about BBQ aprons for men. My husband is NOT allowed anywhere near our BBQ…..he burns everything….lol. BBQing can be a messy joy and an apron is a must. I’m a big Star Wars fan so I loved your “May the forks be with you” apron. My husband may not be great with a BBQ ……..but my brother-in-law is a BBQ master. He’s old school……which means a bag of coals and no propane. I’m sure he’d love to get one of these aprons as a gift. I’ll definitely keep your website in mind the next time I’m shopping for a gift for him.

    Best regards

    1. Thank you so much Kim for visiting my BBQ apron page.

      Yes, these aprons are super fun to have and a necessity around a grill, I must agree. I am also an old-school barbecue guy, love my charcoal and briquettes, so my aprons come in handy.

      Thank you for keeping my website in mind for the next time you will be shopping for a gift!

      Love to see you back. I will have more BBQ gift updates in future.

      Cheers, Jacob

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