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Greetings! My name is Jacob.

I’m from South Africa, a country where barbecue/barbeque or “braai (br∧I)” is an integrated part of our tradition and cultural roots!

My wife is Filipino, and I have a lovely family who lives in the Philippines.  The latest addition to our happy family is our cute 4-month-old baby boy!

Baby Steph, our Pumpkin, 4 months, Feb 2017
My lovely wife and stepson
Gab (10 years) at ‘his’ helicopter
At The Mills, Philippines, Feb 2017
My beloved exended family in the Philippines.

Before I continue, allow me to discuss the difference between “barbeCue and barbeQue”.

barbecue barbeque – what is the difference?

To explain it this way…

…once, when we were barbecuing, my stepson, who was, I think, 8 at the time, used these words to explain it;

“Americans spell barbeque with a ‘q’ and the English (he meant…British) spell it with a ‘c’ 

Well, he is partially right, but I explained it to him in easy terms this way…

“Barbecue with a “c” is cooking food on an open fire (barbecuing or having a barbecue), like we are doing now by barbecuing meat on the barbecue, but barbeque with a “q” is more informal or it refers to names of restaurants, like the BBQ restaurants we sometimes eat at”.

Sometimes people might also say, let’s have a “barby”. This is more informal, or slang.

So, that clarified the difference between barbecue and barbeque, and we continued with our “barby”.

barbecue fire
Peaceful next to a fire like this!

More About Myself

I am not an expert on barbecuing, I just loooove to barbecue! People enjoy my grilling results, so I am doing something right, I suppose!

I’ve learned my barbecue skills from a very young age while growing up in South Africa. Today, I can say that I am pretty good in grilling with charcoal.

I left my country of birth many years back to search for better work opportunities abroad, but I took my barbecue skills with me. I also experienced many different barbecue styles in these countries I lived in.

When I worked in South Korea, I noticed that Koreans have a very ‘different’ barbecue culture. I was truly intrigued by the way Koreans grill their food.

These days I work, thank goodness temporarilyin Saudi Arabia, the only country where women are forbidden to drive. Here, it is not so easy to have a barbecue, for various reasons, very disappointing…….not a good feeling on weekends.

The Philippines is the place I call home now. My family is really missing me on weekends because that is when I’m usually having a super nice barbecue while revealing my barbecue techniques to those with me around the grill.

These barbecue tips and methods will also be passed on to my four-month-old son once he will be old enough to learn everything I can teach him about barbecues.

I just wonder if barbecues, the way we are experiencing them now, will still be the same in 20 years from now. What do you think?

…….Well, let’s hope so.

My Other Interests

I love my Barbecues (“Braais”, as you know by now), of course,

I am a Jeep Wrangler Enthusiast,

A Keen Gardener,

A Social Squash Player,

Car Valet Expert,

do a bit of Water Color Painting,

like Comedy and Adventure Movies,

like Traveling to South East Asian Countries,

and love to spend time with my family in the Philippines!

The Purpose of This Site

In this site, I will do my best to give you something of everything to light up your barbecue experience.

I will share my honest opinion and humble experiences on Barbecues, review some of the best Charcoal Barbecue Grills and essential BBQ Accessories and Tools available out there. I will introduce you to some interesting Barbecue Gifts, and much more as time goes on.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with sufficient information in a very simple way on different barbecue topics. This, I hope, will guide you to a better understanding of barbecue related matters which can light up your barbecue experiences.

I hope you will enjoy the tour around my site!

So, I invite you to always revisit my website for interesting updates.

A Barbecue fire – looking COOL!

Remember, I am Jacob.

Great to meet you here.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

If you found the information here helpful, please be kind and share so others can benefit from this website as well.

Please leave a comment below, or contact me at admin@barbecue-with-jacob.com

Nice to meet you!



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  1. It is me, the author! Thank you for visiting my website. Please note that my website is always expanding.
    New content and product reviews will be added continuously.
    I invite you to return regularly to read my updated posts.

  2. Jacob,
    Its nice to get to know you. I enjoyed the pictures of your family…. what a beautiful son. I do most of the cooking in our family because I am retired. I do it all on my gas barbecue. It has seating for 6 built in, a two burn stove, refrigerator and storage. I bake in it, cook two turkeys at Thanksgiving, fix dinner ever night with it. I am looking forward to following your site.

    1. Thanks, Jim!! Appreciate your visit. Like yourself, there are many BBC fans who prefer gas. I love my charcoal grilling! Hope to see you back very soon!
      Cheers, Jacob

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